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Jess and the Monsters Season One [eBook]

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Season One Complete!

In the first season of the "Jess and the Monsters" series, Jess Jensen lives a boring life, and her greatest fear is becoming a spinster librarian cat lady in her old age. Hoping to avoid that fate, she goes to the Ohio State Fair, where she meets Jack, a regular at the library who had been noticing her for months. They have an impromptu date, where one thing leads to another, and BAM! Werewolf attack!

In desperation, she steals a motorcycle, fleeing from werewolves and the FBI. She needs to get herself established and "off the grid" before someone catches up with her. As she tries to find her way in a world that turns out to be far more complicated than she ever imagined, she does battle with ghosts, demons, witches, zombies, mutants, and yes, werewolves.

This book collects the first six complete episodes of the bi-weekly serial, "Jess and the Monsters." This collection also features a bonus short story, "Johnny Two-Eagles in the Land of the Dead." Over the course of the series, Jess will encounter new friends and do battle with all manner of creatures.
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